This Is Only For Smartphones is a cutting edge concept that will change the way we see photography forever. Taking inspired from the rich imagery and stunning masterpieces of royalty, Viva creates the ultimate photographic device. The Viva Sona Plus smartphone has an unprecedented dual touch feature that allows users to capture their very own original artwork, and have it appear on the screen of their choice. Unlike most phones that limit you to digital art, this unit allows you to integrate your creations into the larger world of screen real estate. This is just for smart phone lovers, but imagine how much difference it would make if you could integrate your favorite creations on a 5.5″ screen?

With the Sony Xperia S, the power to personalize was given to the consumer in a big way. This handset comes with a stunning 8GB RAM on board, and the Sony Xperia S is equipped with a high definition camera along with a plethora of customizable features. From the connectivity features to the user interface, this smartphone comes with all the right features to make sure you do not miss out on anything. Whether you want to shoot the latest trends or go all out and shoot the perfect image, this smartphone comes with it all. So, starting style quest from S, take that fashion quotient one step further by investing in this marvelous device.

In this article, we have looked at the powerful features of the vivo s1 pro and discussed how they work. Now, lets delve into the specifics about this innovative mobile phone. The main camera on the Sony Xperia S boasts of a high definition camera that offers users crystal clear images. Apart from taking pictures, the HTC Desire HD also offers users the facility to edit the pictures, which is an added bonus when it comes to professional photographers.

When it comes to shooting video, both the smartphones are quite impressive with the HTC Desire HD coming out as the leader with its eight megapixels camera and the vivo s1 pro coming in at fourth with its six megapixel camera. The vivo s1 pro also offers users easy access to its user interface which is pretty easy to use. On the other hand, the HTC Desire HD has dual camera functionality where it can switch between the two cameras on its sensor with the help of a physical sliding switch. This functionality allows users to take shots both from the front as well as the back. Despite having two cameras on the HTC Desire HD, the handset still vivo s1 pro  manages to offer great image quality. In fact, the pictures seem to be straight from the camera, which makes the whole experience all the more interesting.

In terms of performance, both the smartphones come with similar but slightly enhanced hardware. With the vivo s1 pro, users get the option to tweak the visual processing unit which works very well when you need extra precision when capturing photographs. Meanwhile, the HTC Desire HD offers users the luxury of a long battery life. The phone lasts up to a whole day with a full charge and does not give users the impression that it is constantly searching for power.

If you are planning to buy a smartphone in the near future, you might as well pick the vivo s1 pro as your first choice. This smartphone has everything that you would want from a smartphone in terms of user appeal, user friendliness and high end performance. Plus, the device runs on a powerful chipset which ensures that you never get stuck with slow performance. This unique diamond shaped camera panel is something that every user should have to enjoy the benefits of a professional camera. The vivid colors, sleek design and the high speed performance make this handset a must-have for anyone who is looking for one.